Thursday, July 3, 2014

Download the best Backup and Recovery tool and the very good partition tool

         Acronis International GmbH is a global provider of data protection solutions and this company is very famous with Acronis backup and Acronis hard disk management software. Customers of Acronis is not only used by persons but althought companies, corporations are using products of Acronis.
         Today, I introduce to you 2 softwares (2 tools) that is a good selection for many people to Backup and recovery and manage your harddisk.

            + Acronis Backup for PC 11.5

            + Acronis Disk Director 12

           All of them were created base on a bootable CD with windows 8.1 PE. You can download and burn to CD and use to do everything to protect your computer. Select 32 bit or 64 bit version suitably with your computer (Sometimes, 32 bit version can not boot because your computer has more than 4 GB of Ram. It can not access to  machine which has physical extension address. For example, Hiren's bootcd can not access to HP Probook 4540s with 4 GB of ram). I think that is not a problem if you downloaded 32 bit version and you have an USB, you can create a bootable USB stickey (Xboot is a simple tool to try).
           You can download them here:
            + Acronis Backup Win8.1 PE X64.iso : Download here
            + Acronis Backup Win8.1 PE X86.iso : Download here
            + Acronis Disk Director 12 X64 Win8.1PE.iso : Download here
            + Acronis Disk Director 12 X86 Win8.1PE.iso : Download here


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